عسل الابيميديوم


What can you expect when taking the Epimedium paste❓ / what are the benefits❓

💪👨Men can expect:
  • Epimedium Macun is a Natural aphrodisiac, as in… it’s a natural sexual enhancer.
  • It treats ED, and Gives a Stronger erection, while prolonging its duration, even after ejaculation.
  • Increases the sperm count.
    Cures premature ejaculation, and delays ejaculation.
  • Increases lust, sexual desire and sex drive.
    Increased pleasure, as well as confidence.
    Ability to perform after ejaculation.
  • Increased libido.
💃💃Women can expect:
  • Epimedium Macun is a Natural aphrodisiac, as in… it’s a natural sexual enhancer,Proves effect within just 30 minutes to an hour.
  • It Helps tighten the vagina.
    Increases pleasure, comfort and sex drive during sex.
    Help reduce fear and anxiety.
  • Increases libido in women.
    Increase the secretion of estrogen.
  • Increases the sensitivity of the G-spot.
This is one of the FAQ s.
The Epimedium Paste is a natural organic product as it does not have any side effects for the health user, but it is advised to read the following warnings and contraindications:

⚠ Warning ⚠

  1.  You must be careful when using epimedium paste by people who take different blood thinners, because epimedium is considered a natural blood fluid. Especially those who take aspirin or any similar medicine.
  2. Caution should be exercised when using epimedium paste by heart and hyper tension patients. Consult the doctor first.
  3. Caution should be exercised when using epimedium paste for migraine sufferers, since its administration expands the blood vessels, which may increase headache. (Avoid taking it during migraine attacks.)


  1. It is forbidden to use epimedium paste if there is an allergy to the hormone estrogen or if the level of estrogen is high in the body because epimedium raises the level of estrogen in the blood.
  2. DO NOT take epimedium paste in conjunction with the birth control pill.
  3. Do Not Take Epimedium paste is during pregnancy and during lactation.
One of the frequently asked questions regarding the length of the sexual relationship. There are many factors that affect the length of a sexual relationship, fpr example:
  1. The psychological state (for you and your partner).
  2.  The atmosphere in which you are practicing (quiet romantic or is it disturbing).

  3. The strength of the relationship between the two partners (love, affection, eagerness, and before them respect and appreciation) where the sexual relationship culminates in the relationship of love and appreciation.

  4.  Of course, the physical ability and the energy your body gives in order to have sex as long as possible, (the body means relaxed, overworked, net, or busy), and this point in particular is what Epimedium honey helps you with.
    Epimedium honey gives you general activity and stimulates the heart muscle, so blood flows in your body and of course in your penis organ, it gives you strength in erection and helps very to increase the length of the sexual relationship


Yes, the answer in short is yes.
This is also one of the most common FAQ s.
Because the prevalence of impotence problems is already widespread among diabetics.
Epimedium Paste is safe for diabetics. Indeed, many of our clients are diabetics. and luckily they’re getting results early on as well, which is why they have bought it multiple times.
You may know that a large percentage pf diabetics have sexual problems such as ED, and indeed research work has been done and the rates in some places reach 52% of diabetics with sexual problems. Therefore, the use of Epimedium Paste is recommended.
We are also in permanent dealings with doctors and consult them in our products, as they are documented products through health authorities in the industrialized country which is Turkey.

For best results, it is advised to do the following:

  • Stir well before taking it.
  • The dose is a small tea spoon.
  • It is advised not to take it on an empty stomach.
  • After eating, it is recommended to drink water frequently, even before the relationship.
  • It is recommended to only take it every 3 days, or when needed.
    The resulting energy must be discharged within an hour.
  • By either Sex or exercise such as walking, swimming, etc.
  • It is not recommended to take it for a short sexual period as the the erection may last for long even after ejaculation.
  • It is recommended to take one teaspoon and no more.
  • If the Dose can be felt heavily, it can be diluted by half a teaspoon and drinking water.

Firstly we are thankful for the interest in our products.
At the present time we are selling only via the Internet, whether from our store or from the social media pages on which we advertise our product, or any of the related methods.
But we do not sell directly in our own store.
You can order now from the store page and we deliver free of charge to all Arab countries.

  • ​Epimedium honey has been produced by professionals to completely eliminate sexual problems.
  • (Epimedium paste) has been suggested as a replacement for all sexual supplements and dangerous chemicals.
  • It was prepared after careful tests that help the efficacy of happiness paste, its success rate in marital happiness, and its effect in treating all sexual problems.
  • It is recommended to use happiness paste because it contains natural ingredients and because it does not contain any side effects.
  • Produced with the permission of the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs 23/01/2009 Date and No. (33-05259-00043-3).

All components of the The Epimedium Paste are from nature:

1 – عشبة العنزة – Epimedium.
2 – الماكا – Maca.
3 – التريبولوس – Tribulus Terrestris.
4 – جوزة الكول – Cola Vera.
5 – عشبة جنكو بيلوبا – Ginkgo Biloba.
6 – خولنجان – Lesser Galangal.
7 – دبس التوت – Mulberry molasses.
8 – حبوب اللقاح – Bee Pollen.
9 – غذاء ملكات النحل الملكي – Royal Jelly.
10- الجنسنج – Ginseng.
11- الزنجبيل – Ginger.
12- عشبة القراص – Nettle.
13- قرع العسل – Pumpkin.
14- الفانليا – Vanilla.
15- الشوفان – Oat.
16- عسل الزهور – Flower honey.
17- القرفة – Cinnamon.