عسل الابيميديوم

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All you need to know about us:

To find out more about us, we must first tell you the origin of the this website. It is an e-commerce store started and built by a company called Waha Global.
It is an international multi-sector company and its headquarters is located in Istanbul, Turkey.
The site focuses on useful organic products, where we aspire to maximise the value of your life.
The site is also one of many Waha Global-owned e-commerce websites.
In the company’s vision to introduce more Turkish products to the world market as it becomes more popular.
Although it is not a Turkish-owned company. But we think it is a country with a lot of high-quality products and services of value.
We believe it has a lot to offer the world.

عسل الابيميديوم

Our goal is quality and providing something of value!

Know about us and how we started working with The Epimedium paste which is produced by a company called Themra. which is a Turkish company. Themra was established in 1990.

It started production and sales of milk and dairy products such as (yogurt, butter) and some other products, and the company completed its production when the founder Vaysa came and established Themra Herbal Products as part of the company in 2005.

And we expanded in the Gulf region and some places in the Arab countries, and we seek to expand more as the demand for products rises.
The reason we worked with a company like Themra was because the way the majority of buyers reacted to their products. and how high the demand is
And their happiness with effect, and that is why we constantly seek to improve ourselves and the services we provide. That is why this site was built from a network of websites owned by Waha Global.
We do our best to work with brands that we can stand with sincerity and with pride while we bring their products to you that can add true value to your lives.

Our numbers express themselves!

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تعرف عنا

Natural, certified, organic and assured, Epimedium Paste

The product is Certified by health ministry and the FDA authorities in Turkey, where the product is produced and Was subject to many tests from all parts of the world, from Europe to East Asia.

We only deal with the highest quality and care